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NFT Paris 2024

The NFT Paris Brief

Organize the 2024 edition of Europe's largest Web3 event over 2 days, bringing together over 15,000 visitors, 100 exhibitors and international opinion leaders.


Create an unrivalled immersive experience at the Grand Palais Éphémère, with revolutionary installations blurring the boundaries between reality and the digital world, three stages with a varied program including keynotes, panels and interactive workshops led by visionaries in the field, and an NFT gallery showcasing the latest artistic trends and applications of NFT in various fields.

15 000 Paris Convention
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Lolyland - Experiential Tea Time

Les Secrets de Loly's Brief

Create a hyper-experiential event around fusion and multi-textures for 3 targets (journalists, distributors, influencers), to mark the launch of their new product "Kurl Fusion".


An experiential Tea Party, called Lolyland, with activities focusing on the sensory discovery of Kurl Fusion and the creation of branded elements in the brand's colors.

200 Paris Product launch

Zoholics 2023

Zoho's Brief

Organize the 2023 edition of Zoholics, Zoho France's annual user conference, with the main aim of engaging customers, showcasing their products and offering innovative entertainment.


An immersive two-day experience, with engaging and enriching conferences and a tailor-made scenography in keeping with Zoho's DNA. Interactive animations such as a digital mosaic photobooth, a VR booth and a silhouettist added a fun and memorable dimension to the event.

500 Paris Convention

Urban Shakers

L'Oréal's brief

Create a memorable party for the final of Urban Shakers, a competition for artists committed to combating sexist and sexual abuse.


Organize the final of the competition at 104 Paris, a venue dedicated to urban culture, showcasing the artists and their work through an incredible show, alongside a jury of professionals, followed by an afterparty bringing together artists and VIPs.

900 Paris Ceremony / party

Adone Late Show

Adone's Brief

Design and organize ADONE's annual convention event, with 3 objectives: to thank employees, to celebrate the past year, and to unite guests.


A fast-paced, dynamic plenary session in Late Show format, followed by a cocktail reception and an evening of dancing, all in the prestigious, historic setting of the Salle Gaveau. A luminous scenography, playing with neon and LED lighting, to highlight the company's identity and create a memorable atmosphere.

400 Paris Convention

Best Workplaces 2024

GPTW Brief

Organize the 2024 edition of the much-anticipated annual Best Workplaces France ceremony, managing both the physical event and its live broadcast on Great Place To Work's LinkedIn page.


A ceremony inspired by the Olympic Games, orchestrated in an iconic Paris venue: the Grand Rex. After this dynamic celebration, guests were invited to share a convivial cocktail, creating a festive and memorable atmosphere.

3 000 Paris & Digital Ceremony

Geberit Hotel

The Geberit Brief

Ensure the launch of their latest product to a varied target of specifiers (journalists, hoteliers and architects), highlighting water and purity, and creating enthusiasm around a new practice: washing toilets.


The creation of GEBERIT's hotel of the future and its ALBA suite. An immersive experience where every detail is designed to captivate the senses: a majestic arrival on a blue carpet, a soothing ambience infused with blue, and a spectacular reveal with a Plexiglas cube covered in untinted mirrors that lights up to reveal the AquaClean Alba toilet.

100 Paris Brand Experience

Google seminar

The Google Deepmind Brief

Organize a 2-day seminar for Google DeepMind teams, with the aim of creating a stimulating and rewarding event.


A seminar in the Ile de France, in a bucolic setting. On the program: productive work sessions, moments of relaxation, and a fun, immersive teambuilding activity to strengthen team cohesion.

60 Ile de France Seminar

Neon Party - Contentsquare

Contentsquare's brief

Organize a themed party back-to-school event for its 400 employees, to kick off the year and get together.


A neon party full of lights and colors. Immerse participants in a fluorescent atmosphere thanks to immersive scenography and activities such as a backlit ball pool with photobooth, an accessory bar, a fluorescent make-up stand and a participatory fresco.

400 Paris Internal Party

Free Managers Days

Free's brief

Bringing together 300 Free managers for 3 days of sharing and conviviality under the sun.


A festive and dynamic seminar, nestled in the heart of a Camargue village, punctuated by various highlights: meetings, workshops, entertainment and party ! A cosy scenography creating a guinguette atmosphere, reminiscent of the villages of the South of France. An experience combining work and relaxation, land and sea, history and modernity.

300 Camargue Residential seminar

150 years of innovation - Colgate

Colgate's brief

Organize a party in Colgate colors for the brand's 150th anniversary and the launch of new Whitening products.


Provide lifestyle influencers and beauty journalists with an immersive, experiential party in a futuristic setting, immersing them in the Colgate world and allowing them to test the products.

150 Paris Product launch

Proof of Talk 2023

XVentures's brief

Organize Europe's most exclusive Web 3 summit, featuring 2 days of high-level conferences with international speakers.


Create a spectacular event at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, with a central stage in the nave, bespoke scenography, an NFT gallery, and numerous networking opportunities.

1 000 Paris Web 3 Summit
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Smells like teen spirit - OVH Annual Party

OVHcloud's brief

Create the best party of the year to unite and federate all employees through an exceptional event embodying the values of OVHcloud.


Taking over a third-party venue and completely transforming it to give the 1,100 OVHcloud employees a festive and unique 90s-themed event experience.

1 100 Lille annual party

Sopra Banking Summit 2022

Sopra Banking's brief

Organize a week-long fintech festival, both physical and digital, to raise awareness, build customer loyalty and develop the customer portfolio.


Create a hybrid experience, with dozens of hours of live content and an exceptional party in Paris to bring industry leaders together, while enhancing the brand's identity through a unique slogan: Feel the finance beat.

1 000+ Paris Summit Customer
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Green seminar

Lagardère's brief

Bring together employees from its Travel Retail business unit for a 2-day seminar in France to unite teams and forge ties.


Take your employees 2 hours from Paris, to the countryside in the Loire Valley, and let them experience a 2-day immersion as apprentice adventurers.

250 France Seminar

Paris premises inauguration

Adobe's brief

Bringing together all our Parisian employees for a convivial day at our new headquarters.


Create a day filled with moments of encounters across the different spaces: breakfast waffles and smoothies, Spritz bar on the rooftop, plant logo at the entrance, DJ Party and Karaoke in the atrium, scenography and site lighting.

350 Paris Inauguration

Bohemian Garden Party

Victoria's brief

Bringing together its best ambassadors for a colorful and emotional Garden Party.


Organize a chic, bohemian garden party, staging the entire privatized estate in the brand's image, with a focus on fun events and memorable moments.

300 Hauts de France Garden Party

Media and influencer showcase

OPPO's brief

Celebrate the launch of its Reno6 range by organizing a private showcase with Gims and Vitaa for media and influencers.


Bringing guests together in an intimate address to reinforce proximity with the artists and to make them feel privileged. Creation of a tailor-made scenography to enhance the product's assets, in line with the global "Every Emotion In Portrait" campaign.

80 Paris Brand Experience

party for the UK Embassy in Paris

UK Embassy's brief

To celebrate 5 years of its "Les Voisins" campaign, aimed at celebrating the human dimension of the Franco-British relationship.


Create a spectacular event, with video-mapping on the façade of the Embassy, a light show in the huge garden, a Franco-British cocktail party, a tailor-made quiz hosted by Darren Tulett and a Michael Jones showcase.

300 Paris Party

Summer Party Guinguette

Devoteam's brief

Bring together all the employees of its Creative Tech entity to meet up and have fun at a festive party


Create a friendly, festive and unifying party guinguette-style "village festival": food court, cocktail bar, pétanque courts, molkky, personalized guinguette photocall, blindtest box and DJ set.

230 Paris Summer Party

New identity Reveal parties

Sqorus's brief

Announce the name change to employees and customers at 2 memorable events.


For employees, a tailor-made Team Building to reveal clues about the new name before an unexpected theatrical reveal in the middle of the plenary session. For customers, a high-end party with a customized digital show to unveil the new brand identity.

500+ Paris Evenings

Managers Seminar

Talenz's brief

Bring together French associates, directors and managers for a 3-day, 2-night residential seminar in Paris.


Introduce guests to Paris from every angle, with visits to mythical sites and shops, a cruise on the Seine, a party at Sacré Coeur and lots of surprises.

150 Paris Seminar

Roadshow - Monoprix Morning Show

Monoprix's brief

After a successful 2022 edition, Monoprix has renewed its confidence in UNEXPECTED to introduce all new 2023 alternants to its Monoprix culture through a 15-date roadshow in France.


Create "Monoprix & Chill", a Morning Show in the image of Monoprix, alternating offbeat sequences with informative content, inspired by the world of Netflix.

800 France Roadshow

Inauguration of new premises

Salesforce's brief

Offer employees a fun and convivial day to celebrate the opening of its new Paris offices.


Punctuate the opening day with many surprises: creation of a customized digital rally, blindtest, digital gratitude tree, chair yoga, Morning DJ Set, smoothie bar, waffle bar, etc...

400 Paris Inauguration

Launch of Maserati Grecale

The Maserati Brief

Accompany the launch of the brand's new Grecale SUV and present it to the Levallois dealership's best customers


Transform the dealership for a day to offer a unique discovery experience for the target group.

80 Paris Brand Experience

Sanex Immerskin

The Sanex Brief

Organize an experiential day highlighting the world of Sanex and the Natural Prebiotic range.


"Immerskin", a tailor-made event with a captivating scenography, bringing Sanex products to life and offering a memorable experience. Creation of an immersive journey to educate and raise awareness of prebiotics and their dermatological importance.

70 Paris Activation

Disco Roller Party

The Benefit Brief

Organize an influencer event for the launch of their new Gimme Brow product line


Create a "Disco Roller Party" experience in a secret location in the heart of Paris, with roller rink, beauty corners, immersive photocall and creation of tailor-made cocktails.

100 Paris Product launch

Christmas Party

Energisme's brief

Celebrate the end of the year and staff reunions with a festive party .


Create an immersive Christmas Party with attention to the smallest detail: scenography, mulled wine bar, raclette, oyster tasting, Christmas blindtest, Christmas bauble customization, close-up magician, chocolate waffles, DJ set...

80 Paris Winter Party

Internal trophy awards


Reward the best sales people in the Group's "Red Lions" entity for their annual results.


Organize a large-scale digital ceremony, hosted by a famous presenter, from a "home-like" location to create proximity despite the distance.

250 Paris Ceremony

Best Workplaces 2021 ceremony

Great Place To Work's brief

Unveil the National Best Companies to Work For and celebrate the moment despite the health crisis.


Bring all the companies and their teams together virtually through a tailor-made interactive TV show.

1 000+ France Digital

20 years of "Back to the 90s

Axance's brief

Celebrate the company's 20th anniversary with a memorable event for all employees.


Create a party themed around the 90s, in reference to the agency's creation in 1999: CD invitations, arcade terminals, candy bar, blindtests, DJ set and space design...

300 Paris Summer Party

Coachella Summer Festival

MeilleursAgents's brief

After a year and a half of Covid and telecommuting, Meilleurs Agents wanted to bring its staff together for a festive party .


Creation of "CoachellMA", a unique festival in the image of Meilleurs Agents: personalized welcome pack, floral decoration, wreath and tattoo workshop, combi, fortune-telling, photocall ...

400 Paris Summer Party

Publicis Sapient Christmas Show

Publicis Sapient's brief

Boost your teams' sense of belonging and thank them for the year spent working remotely in confinement.


Creation of a fun, colorful, offbeat and ultra-interactive 2-hour TV show: the "Publicis Sapient Christmas Show".

200 Paris Digital

party Bohemian Chic

CRIT's brief

Bringing together all our Ile de France branches to celebrate after 2 years without an in-house event.


Creation of a "Bohemian Chic" themed party : scenography, custom photocall, interactive concert, ephemeral tattoo bar and lots of surprises for employees.

200 Ile de France Party

225 years of X


Organize the annual New Year's ceremony and celebrate the school's 225th anniversary by highlighting the achievements of our staff.


Highlighting Polytechnique and its staff through a variety of media: motion videos, 3D letters, tailor-made shows, student concerts...

800 Ile-De-France Ceremony

Winter Party

Axance's brief

Thank all Paris employees for the past year with a festive end-of-year party .


Creation of a party "Winter" theme: snow-covered fir trees, ice bar experience at -20°, mulled wine bar, ski simulator, brazier-grilled marshmallows and DJ set.

250 Paris Party

Les Chroniques de Sage Business Cloud Paie

Sage's brief

Present the new features of its payroll solution to partners throughout France in a dynamic, interactive format.


Bring together virtually all Sage partners over half a day at a digital event consisting of a plenary session, workshops and a closing animation.

400 France Digital

Inauguration for the 2024 Olympics

Spie Batignolles's brief

Inaugurate the Odyssée aqualudic center, alongside the Prime Minister, to enhance this future training facility for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


Highlighting all the center's spaces with sober, elegant decor and sophisticated lighting. Creation of a show on water following Jean Castex's inauguration speech.

400 Ile de France Inauguration

Avanade Island - Digital Experience

Avanade's brief

Replace the usual Summer Party with a 100% fun digital event to get away from it all during the Covid period.


Creation of Avanade Island, a 100% immersive digital experience where guests discover an island paradise on the other side of the world. Cocktail workshop, home box delivery, island blindtest, treasure hunt, fireside anecdotes...

1 000 Paris Digital

The Roaring Twenties

Docusign's brief

Marking the end of the year and thanking employees at the Paris office with a festive, themed event.


Creation of a party themed "Les Années Folles" to transport employees: scenography, branding, gourmet dinner, charleston show...

100 Paris Party

Flag ceremony for Vinci

Vinci's brief

Celebrating the completion of the structural work on the Universeine construction site, the future sustainable neighborhood designed to welcome athletes to the 2024 Olympics in Paris.


Design the various areas of the site with "sporting" animations, in reference to the Olympic Games, as well as elements that highlight the value of the workers who have been working behind the scenes for months on this site.

500 Ile-De-France Ceremony

Roadshow - Monoprix Morning Show

Monoprix's brief

Introducing all new 2022 alternants to Monoprix's culture through a 19-date roadshow in France.


Create a Morning Show in the image of Monoprix, alternating offbeat sequences - carpool karaoke, fake wheel of fortune, burger quiz - and more serious ones - motivational interview with Sébastien Chabal, fast & curious with management, work-study/tutoring challenge, recipe for the perfect work-study program.

700 France Roadshow

MC2I Insights

MC2I Brief

In the midst of the Covid pandemic, MC2I wanted to bring together all its remote staff for an important management event.


MC2I Insights, a tailor-made TV show. Dynamic and interactive, the digital program alternated between management talks, video content, audience interaction and animations to engage remote participants, making them real players.

900 Paris Kick Off

BAL in Paris

NBA Brief

Promote the BasketBall African League (BAL) by taking advantage of the NBA Paris Game 2023 in Paris.


Create a 100% African party for the first Basketball African League (BAL) event in Paris, bringing together partners, influencers and NBA SuperStars.

250 Paris Party

Provence Côte d'Azur Show

Atout France's brief

Promote the South of France to the Belgian market to encourage event professionals to organize events there.


Creation of a live TV show to give the floor to various destination managers, with a "beach" scenography highlighting the undeniable assets of the South of France.

35 Nice Digital

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